Welcome to ver. 4

Welcome to ver. 4

Hello all, welcome to the latest avatar of GHUJ.COM, In this update we have shifted from our traditional tutorial script to wordpress and also had a professionally designed theme. Previous to this version we use to accept any tutorial written for GIMP, but starting from this version I will be hand picking the tutorials to be listed here. It will no longer be about quantity it will be about quality. Over a period of time you can see some of the best GIMP tutorials ever written here. Thanks to these new generation of GIMP users who are writing some really beautiful tutorials for GIMP.

What’s new ?

  • Now we have included a better larger preview so our user can actually view the final effect, before visiting the tutorial website.
  • Tutorials rating will help user to judge the quality of the tutorial.
  • Featured section will have some of the best available tutorials for GIMP.
  • An User friendly interface will make the navigation as simple as possible. Just couple of clicks and you are viewing your favorite tutorial.
  • E-mail Subscription will help you get the tutorial directly delivered to your inbox as soon it is posted on the website.
  • Feed Subscription will help you get the latest tutorials delivered to your feed reader.

and there are many more features yet to be added to GHUJ. We have taken the first few steps to be the best GIMP tutorial website ever! But we need your support for the same. This User Interface to GHUJ.COM is here to stay for sometime, I hope you will have good time here.

Happy Gimping :-)

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