How to Remove Color from Part of an Image

Removing color from part of an image or photograph is similar to adding a pop of color to a black and white image. The task requires familiarity with the various Select Tools to completely outline a single object in an image. Removing color from sections of a photograph can be useful for advertising campaigns, artwork, or just to create an interesting home photograph.

  1. Open up the image you want to edit in GIMP. This tutorial uses a cluster of pink roses.
  1. Click on one of the Select Tools in the Tool Box. The Color Select Tool will select regions of the same color across an entire image. This is a quick way to select the objects you want to remove color from. After this, use the Free Select Tool, pressing down the CRTL button at the same time as you click the mouse to deselect areas you want to keep colorized. This tutorial focuses on one selected rose, from which we’ll be removing color.


  1. Hover the cursor over the “Colors” tab in the menu, and click on the Hue-Saturation Tool. A new window will open. Lower the Saturation of the image selected to 0. Press “OK”. You may have to repeat the desaturation process a couple of times to completely remove all color from a highly saturated image.


  1. Click “Select” in the menu, and “None” to deselect the image.
  1. Save your work.

Remember, when selecting areas of an image press SHIFT to add to the selection as you press the mouse, and CTRL to remove from the selection.

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